Rebuilding Together Dayton: A Safe, Warm, and Dry Home for Every Dayton Homeowner

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Now that we’ve covered dessert and dinner, let’s take a look at an organization that makes sure low-income individuals have a safe place to live. The median age of homes in Dayton, Ohio is 51 years. In other words, half of the homes in Dayton were built in the 1960’s or earlier. Homes that old have lead paint, pipes and soldering and are frequently in need of repair. Rebuilding Together believes everyone deserves a safe, warm, and dry home. RTD is making that goal a reality.

Rebuilding Together is a non-profit, volunteer-driven organization that repairs homes for low-income and elderly homeowners at no cost. The Dayton chapter has rehabbed more than 1000 homes in Dayton. To qualify for assistance from RTD, the homeowner must earn less than 80% of the area median income. RTD also focuses on elderly and disabled homeowners who have lived in their homes for ten years or more; in 2013 the average homeowner receiving help from Rebuilding Together was 72 years old, made $15,000 per year, and had lived in the home for 38 years.

RTD also reaches out to the rest of the county through Neighbor Care, through which skilled tradespeople perform urgent repairs and modifications such as wheelchair ramps. Sixty-seven Dayton homeowners received help from Neighbor Care in 2012.

In addition, RTD runs several other programs. It provides housing repairs to veterans through the Heroes at Home program, works to reduce children’s exposure to lead through Lead Safe for Kids’ Sake, and provides home modification for seniors through Seniors Safe at Home.

Every dollar raised for Rebuilding Together Dayton translates to $4 worth of home improvement due to valuable in-kind labor and donated materials. Because funding from the City of Dayton and Montgomery County covers their administrative costs, every dollar donated goes only toward project expenses. RTD works with the state and local government to ensure efficient programs for low-income households and encourage safe and sustainable housing.

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