Keep More of Your Assets

Chapter 13 bankruptcy reorganizes debt into a repayment plan of three or five years. Your monthly payments are lowered under the plan, so you will be able to make the payments. In many cases, the debtor only repays about 10 percent of the debt owed.

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Reorganize and Reduce Your Debt

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is available for people whose income is above the median income in Ohio for a household of their size. Many people who have assets they wish to keep choose Chapter 13. If you are behind on your mortgage or car loan but could catch up if you had enough time, Chapter 13 may offer you an advantage.

After you complete the reorganization plan, remaining eligible debts will be discharged. Some debts are not dischargeable under any chapter of bankruptcy, including spousal and child support, certain taxes or student loans.

One of the benefits of bankruptcy is that you receive the protection of the automatic stay from all collection activities during the bankruptcy process. This includes creditor harassment, repossession, foreclosure and wage garnishment.

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