Bankruptcy Overview

Creative Debt Relief Solutions

At Cope Law Offices, LLC, we are committed to helping people with unmanageable debts get control of their finances. We use the bankruptcy system to help our clients get maximum debt relief while protecting their assets. Our firm has creative solutions, and we want to help you get a fresh financial start.

We’ve filed hundreds of cases and understand that you have questions and concerns. In a free initial consultation, bankruptcy law attorney Russ Cope can discuss these and other aspects of bankruptcy:

  • Is bankruptcy the right choice?
  • The bankruptcy process
  • Ohio bankruptcy law
  • What can I keep in bankruptcy?
  • Bankruptcy and divorce
  • Bankruptcy and taxes
  • Bankruptcy myths
  • How can I afford bankruptcy?
  • How will bankruptcy affect my career?
  • Can I file for bankruptcy more than once?
  • What will happen if I do nothing?
  • Mistakes made by delaying bankruptcy
  • Driver’s license reinstatement
  • Reaffirmation agreements
  • Deficiency judgments
  • Business debt
  • Restoring credit after bankruptcy
  • Life after bankruptcy

Dedicated Debt Relief Attorney

Our bankruptcy law firm has helped hundreds of Ohioans obtain debt relief through Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy filings. Will filing bankruptcy enable you to get out of debt? The only way to find the answer is by discussing it with bankruptcy attorney Russ Cope.

Mr. Cope will review your situation and provide you with honest answers about the types of debts you can discharge, how long the process will take, whether you qualify for Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 bankruptcy, and other critical issues.

If your debts are out of control, you should seek help now. Putting off talking with a lawyer will probably make your problems worse. Get help today from an experienced Dayton bankruptcy attorney.

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